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Model Code: NSA 1110/A /C4

- Atomル D510 Dual Core/D410 Single Core 1.66GHz
- up to 2GB Non-ECC DDR 2 SDRAM
- LAN Chip: Intelᆴ 82583V


Model Code: NSA 1120/A/-C4

- Atomル D525 Dual Core/ D425 Single Core 1.8GHz
- up to 2GB Non-ECC DDR3 SDRAM
- LAN Chip: Intelᆴ 82583V


SModel Code: NSA 3110/-C4

- Coreル 2 Quad/Coreル 2 Duo/Pentiumᆴ Dual Core/ Celeronᆴ Processor
- Supports two DDR3 1066 Memory, up to 4GB
- Intelᆴ G41 and ICH7R Chipset


Model Code: NSA 7110W

- Ultra high performance with Quad-Core processors and IOAT3 function
- DDR3 800/1066 ECCᆴ/ non-ECC memory, up to 24GB
- Intelᆴ 5520 and ICH10R Chipset