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Support IPv4/ IPv6 dual stack Support Router,

NAT mode Support static IP, DHCP, PPPoE ,

PPTP on WAN Support IP Plug and Play (IP PnP) Built-in DHCP Server and support DHCP Relay Support NAT:
(1) DMZ Server Mapping
(2) Public Accessible Server
(3) Port and IP Redirect
Configurable static route Support email service via designated email server Support Walled Garden/ Walled Garden Ad List to post advertisement website links on user login portal page Support MAC Address Pass-Through Support account roaming IGMP Snooping


Support security standards: WEP (64/ 128/ 152 bits) and WPA-PSK TKIP & AES Cipher auto negotiation

Support VPN Pass-Through (PPTP) Support Layer 2 isolation Layer 2/ 3 Firewall (incl. DoS Protection) IP/ MAC/ IPv6 privilege list Configurable user Black List (5 sets by 20 MAC address) LAN port mapping to Private Zone and Public Zone

User Management

Support 500 local accounts Support 2000 on-demand accounts for visitors Support multi-level administrative management Simultaneous support for multiple authentication methods (Local, RADIUS*2, On-demand, and Free/ Trial) Policy-based access control (per-role assignments based on Schedule Firewall Policies, Routing, Login Schedule, Bandwidth and Session) User Session Management:
(1) SSL protected login portal page
(2) Session idle timer
(3) Session and account expiration control
(4) Login time frame control
(5) Session limit
Import/ Export local and on-demand accounts Support VPN Pass- Through (PPTP)

Monitoring and Reporting

Online status monitoring of users Uplink (WAN) connection failure alert Support SYSLOG server for diagnosis and troubleshooting Support User Logs for traffic recording Support user traffic session (TCP/ UDP) logging Http/ Session/ User/ Configuration Change/ Traffic/… Logs

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