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Vehicle DC/DC - step down

Category: DC/DC Switchers


Input voltage max (standard series): 36V
Input voltage max (pro series): 60V
Input voltage min: 9V or (Vout+4V)
Output voltage tolerance: <1%
Regulation (0-max load): <1%
Peak output current: 15A
Internal current limit: 15A
Continuous output power: 138W
Typical efficiency: 90%
Case temperature rise max: 25oC

Pro range include:
Physical isolation of the input in the event that the supply voltage goes out of specification.
Physical isolation of the output in the event of over voltage or over current.
Reverse polarity protection independent of the fuse
Additional filtering of the output voltage for sensitive applications like digital mobile radio
LED indication that the input and output voltages are within range
LED indication in the event of over current
Additional transient voltage protection

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